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The Problem With Humans


“From whimsical fantasy to the harsh realities of addiction, Ms. Spooner’s stories have it all. Twists and turns and thought-provoking tales, you’ll want to keep reading to see what’s in store for you next.” K. Lynn Smith, writer/creator of Plume and For Goodness’ Sake

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In her first book, “Flash in the Dark: A Collection of Flash Fiction,” Allison Spooner offered stories that teetered between dark and light. Her second collection contains brief glimpses into the moments that make humans…well, human. Spooner’s stories have been called “unique works of art,” “brilliant, disturbing, and thought-provoking,” and her last book a “truly fantastic collection of short stories.” In her second collection, she offers something for both lovers of humanity and those who are entirely fed up. From deadly mistakes and crass crimes to the sweet moments that once again give us faith in humanity, the stories in this collection will both break your heart and make you smile.


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Allison Spooner is an accomplished writer and author from Lansing, MI. Allison specializes in flash fiction (stories told in less than 1,000 words) and bringing worlds, characters, and stories to life in as few words as possible and has two collections featuring these types of stories; Flash in the Dark: A Collection of Flash Fiction, and The Problem With Humans: And Other Stories),

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