Startup Lansing’s Startup Spotlights of 2015- Part 1

2015 has been a great year for startups in Lansing. Don’t believe us? All you need to do is take a look back at the Startup Spotlights we have featured once a week. That’s a new startup every single week. That’s a lot of startups in Lansing. And, as 2015 wraps up, we are looking…


2015 has been a great year for startups in Lansing. Don’t believe us? All you need to do is take a look back at the Startup Spotlights we have featured once a week. That’s a new startup every single week. That’s a lot of startups in Lansing.

And, as 2015 wraps up, we are looking forward to an, even more, exciting 2016. In the meantime, let’s take a look back at the amazing startups that we’ve covered in the last year.

One Sound

Untitled design (1)When it comes to the tunes playing at a party, emotions can run high. People are passionate about music, and the right songs can make or break the mood of the party. If one person is choosing wrong there may be a mutiny.

OneSound, winner of November’s Hatching and the crowd favorite at Launched, is an app that can keep the peace when it comes to the music at a party. Just create a party in the app, invite your friends to join, and give everyone the chance to choose the songs that will play next.

Don’t be a music Nazi, let everyone be the DJ, with OneSound.

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JMH Labs

jmhCJMH Labs is a prototyping studio, specializing in 3D printing, for local entrepreneurs. Through 3D printing technology, MSU student Jeff Hall can help make the product visions of local entrepreneurs come to fruition and stand in front of them.

If they have a product idea, he can help move their progress forward. And, if Jeff can’t print the idea, he knows who can.


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Ashlee Willis Floral Decor

AWFloralFloral arrangements can be a beautiful addition to a wedding, can bring extra flair to a mundane event and can brighten up any home, but they can also be
very expensive.

Ashlee Willis of Ashlee Willis Floral Decor wants to give people the opportunity to brighten up their events and homes in style without paying big bucks.

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The MiniMaker

MiniMakerThe Mini Maker Space is a space for kids. It’s somewhere they can come to Imagine, Develop, and Build. At an age where they want to create and let their imaginations flow, there aren’t a lot of spaces that encourage them to do so.

So many educational environments focus on the future- Melissa Allen and those at the Mini Maker Space want to focus on the now.

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PolyetricCPolyetric has taken the relatively unchanged design of a computer and redesigned it to make it simpler and easier to use.

By replacing a physical keyboard with a full-sized touch screen, commands would no longer be the combination of buttons, but rather a custom button that was specific to the function.  Thus, a more intuitive interface on a laptop. 

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Mohyi Labs

MoyhiCFrom drones to dishwashers, “Mohyi Labs is more or less about pursuing a passion.” John considers himself lucky that his passion for solving problems is one that attracts others that want to solve problems and do things that haven’t been done before.

“We are explorers trying to challenge the impossible.”

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Modern Cut Apparel

ModernCutModern Cut Apparel is a fulfillment house for fashion brands. From an idea in a designer’s head to a roll of cotton to the hanger, they handle every step and get the product shipped straight to your door.

By letting the artist focus on design rather than production, they can let the designers be designers.

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Bubble Soccer Detroit

BubbleA recent internet phenomenon, Bubble Soccer is just what it sounds like1; soccer played in a bubble. If it’s a little hard to picture, local student startup, and our Startup Spotlight,Bubble Soccer Detroit, can help you out.
While playing in your plastic bubble, you try to score on the other team while doing all you can to knock them over.

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BSTBST Web founders Noah Hines and Ian Stirton are both eager to make a difference in the world. Their freelance technology startup, a web design company, is a starting-off point in achieving that goal. Through BST, they can help businesses make an impact and bring visions to life.

Using a combination of innovation and design, BST Web Design uses websites and applications to increase and improve a company’s online presence.

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Clean Case

Here’s a bit of icky trivia; the average mobile device has more germs than aCleanCaseC toilet seat. To add to that disturbing thought, it is becoming more and more common for mobile devices to be used during surgical procedures, within the sterile surgical field.

Whether for photos and videos needed for academic purposes, or to use sophisticated medical apps, it is a necessary but dangerous practice that compromises the safety of the patient by making them vulnerable to infection. Clean Case, developed by SteriDev, is the solution to this dangerous problem.

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VantattiCInstead of searching the web for the organization throwing the event you are looking for, or searching for hours for an event on campus that interests you, you can simply use Ventatti.

Ventatti allows you to find an event, get the information, and even buy tickets to that event; all in one spot.

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Brew Exports

BrewEBrew Export, February’s Hatching winner, wants to help local, craft brewers take their product across the globe. Imagine sitting down at a bar in Singapore on a business trip and being able to order a Founder’s beer. A little taste of home, right there in your hand.

Right now, brewers are hesitant to tap into the international market, fearing steep prices and high difficulty. Shannon Long wants to show them it doesn’t have to be hard.

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Safety Sit

Founded by two life-long friends that always imagined starting a business Safety Sittogether, their product, a medical device used to support patients during physical therapy, is a much sought after solution in the medical community.

The team is working hard to deliver that product to market as soon as possible.

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Aegis Bleu

AegisBlueAegis Bleu offers tools and apps to be a vulnerability management solution that allow companies to assess the likelihood of disaster within their organization.

They work with multiple government organizations, health care facilities, consultants, and Fortune 1,000 companies to break down risks and provide actionable solutions.

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Mach Hockey

MachMach Hockey is safety equipment for hockey players, designed with the unique needs of goalies in mind. While there are numerous companies offering similar safety equipment, Mach Hockey goes a step further.  

Their light, flexible, foam material hardens on impact and they use military grade Kevlar to prevent lacerations. By changing the material and design of the equipment, they can focus on preventing injuries most often suffered by goalies.

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Transporting goods is currently mostly addressed by services like UPS, BringItFedEX, or expensive courier services. For a college student that left something at home, or a business executive looking to have a package picked up, these aren’t always the most viable options (due to time or money constraints).

Bringitt wants to take the often complicated issue of transporting goods, and utilize a solution already available; the people already on the roads.

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ScratchXCThe winners of April’s Hatching Event, Halcyon Labs was founded by high school friends Derek Metcalf and Scott Swarthout.

Their product, ScratchX, is a bracelet designed to eliminate some of the effects of OCD conditions, particularly skin scratching. The product aims to break the habit by vibrating each time the wearer is scratching.

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Huntress Heaven

HuntressHYoung entrepreneur, female founder and winner of the Lansing Youth Startup Challenge, Samantha White has a lot going for her, including a startup aimed at feeding the passions of women hunters.

From a camo clothing line to a blog that will connect, share and teach, Huntress Heaven aims to promote a lifestyle and connect those living it.

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Lettuce Live Well

LettuceLiveLettuce Live Well, founded by a team of Female Founders, strives to be a platform that helps people surpass their fitness, nutrition and spiritual goals. Through programs, education and challenges, they are encouraging Lansing to Eat Healthy and Live Happy.

Their current program, Metro Lansing Loses a Million, encourages community collaboration in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. The challenge urges teams to work together, get up and get moving, eat better and track their progress. With monthly challenges, each team has a chance to show their dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

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Michigan Creative

Since 2010, Michigan Creative has gone from a small startup that wasn’t MICreativeCreally sure what they were going to do, to a “marketing department” that has worked with companies ranging from credit unions to restaurants. They offer all the services of a marketing department and so much more.

They not only produce videos, but show companies what to do with them once they have them.They design websites that work for the client, websites that act like a marketing machine for the clients. And, they offer design and branding, and so much more. They are always working to get to the next level and expand their services.

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Spray N Play

SprayPlayOnce your Lego creations are complete, your options are currently limited. If
you want to play with them, and don’t want them to fall apart, you need to superglue them. Which then sticks you with a permanent figure with no option to change it.

Spray N’ Play is developing a spray that will hold the creation together in order to move it around or even play with it, then take it apart when you are done.

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Doberman Technologies

DobermanTechDoberman Technologies is more than just IT support for businesses.

Founded by Ian Richardson, their mission is to not only offer support, but also provide the tools a business needs to be successful.

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Don’t worry, there’s more.

Part 2- coming next week.

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