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When was the last time you heard someone say you can’t build a startup in Lansing? Or, that Lansing doesn’t have a startup community? Well, we’ve been covering startups in the area since March and we already have 38 reasons they are absolutely wrong. These Startup Spotlights cover everything from apps to help you meet…


When was the last time you heard someone say you can’t build a startup in Lansing? Or, that Lansing doesn’t have a startup community? Well, we’ve been covering startups in the area since March and we already have 38 reasons they are absolutely wrong. These Startup Spotlights cover everything from apps to help you meet new people and simple solutions to everyday problems, to new ways to stay safe while driving, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of what Lansing entrepreneurs have to offer.

The 38 startups below surely have big things ahead of them and we can’t wait to share even more Startup Spotlights in 2015.

Greater Lansing Sports and Social Club

The Greater Lansing Sports and Social Club(GLSSC) is a social club and network connecting hundreds of young professionals (21+) in the Lansing area through sports and booze. With a variety of leagues, and ‘ins’ at every bar, it’s a fantastic way to stay active, meet new people, and check out cool new spots.

York Apparel

A for-profit, social enterprise based in Lansing, York Apparel is as committed to helping the homeless as it is to the bottom line. York Apparel sells hats, and, for every hat sold, they put a hat on the homeless. Today, it has grown into a clothing line that has donated over 850 items of clothing to the homeless both here in Lansing, and all across the country.

Cork CRM

CorkCRM provides software to residential construction businesses that need a central platform to manage their business. All the information coming out of their business goes through Cork; it’s like an enhanced Quickbooks for construction contractors. CorkCRM wants to bring all their information together in one, single, convenient place and automate the tasks that don’t have to be done by people.

Underdog Funding:

Underdog Funding is fast, effective fundraising for youth sports. With school sports losing more and more funding each year, Underdog Funding has taken fundraising online and offers a digital alternative to sending kids door to door.

Carbon Cash

Carbon Cash gives students the chance to change their energy habits and earn rewards at the same time. The app offers a fun and innovative way to educate college students on the amount of energy they use on a daily basis.


Grumble is a mobile app and platform that puts the voices of consumers into the ears of management. It allows consumers to leave feedback and to have their problems solved.

Eightfold Marketing:

Eightfold Marketing is a marketing company that strives to create unique content that tells a story. Eightfold has worked on campaigns for high profile, local clients such as; Douglas J, Courtesy Ford, Fantastic Finds and many more.


Folyo is a social, e-commerce platform that connects student artists to those interested in buying their work. The creators want to make the process of buying and selling art simple, fun and social.

HerBlends of Plenty:

HerBlends of Plenty sells herbal teas that empower individuals to make healthier choices. Through education they want to re-introduce natural herbs as a holistic medicine. They want to focus on herbs that are sustainably grown without chemicals and that can be grown or found right here in Lansing.

Go Green Trikes:

Go Green Trikes is a green delivery service that uses electric assist trikes for transportation. They use heavy duty electric-assist trikes (Apr – Nov) that are capable of carrying 600 pound payloads and going 15mph for up to 100 miles.


Turtlecell is a uniquely designed case for your phone that ensures you never have to struggle with tangled, broken, or obnoxious headphones ever again. The thin, protective case for your iPhone provides retractable headphones built right into the case.

Records Redone:

James Pleyte, full-time student and founder of Records Redone, has taken the idea of upcycling and added his own unique and creative twist. James takes the vinyl records many of us have collecting dust in our attics and transforms them into anything he can imagine. From clocks to business logos, to a wide variety of wall decor, Records Redone can take those old records from boring to vintage chic.

Zero Thumbs Productions:

Zero Thumbs Productions is a student-run production company that makes films to initiate social change. They specialize in sports highlights films, original music, graphics and special effects.

What’s Mapnin’:

What’s Mapnin’ is an interactive experience that gives users a whole new way to see what’s happening in Lansing. Online or in print, the map is retro and unique.

Health Numeric:

Health Numeric sells remote patient monitoring to home health care providers. Its cloud-based system offers more frequent and consistent monitoring of patients in the home care environment. This monitoring helps to reduce hospital readmission rates by helping care providers be more responsive to patients’ needs and changes in their condition.

Tech Twurl:

Have an old cellphone taking up space? Need some extra cash? Tech Twurl can help you solve both those problems. It’s simple, quick and turns your old electronics into cash.


We’ve all been through the frustrating and tedious process of applying to job after job and never even knowing whether the application was received. HireTide wants to eliminate that frustration. Focusing on small businesses in university areas, HireTide is an app that will streamline the application process for both applicants and employers. They also strive to connect the right employee with the right business.


Courseweaver is a new, cloud-based class, homework and testing solution that offers class templates, tools for exam creation, embedded textbook materials and more. With it, they expect to see busy professors no longer wasting time sifting through materials and no more students going broke spending more on books than tuition. They plan to revolutionize the world of education.

Signing Savvy:

From a veteran who lost his hearing while overseas, to parents of deaf children, thousands of people each day rely on Signing Savvy to help them better communicate with their loved ones and the world. It is a complete online sign language dictionary dedicated to being the best online, sign language resource.

Deliver Anything Now:

Deliver Anything Now wants to do exactly what the name states; deliver absolutely anything you might need. What started as a simple delivery service will soon be a fully interactive app that will allow the user to keep in touch with the driver and their goods every step of the way.


Founded out of Northwestern University, Move In, Move Out (MIMO) is a nonprofit startup that helps people find the things they need when moving into their dorm and dispose of it when moving out. As a nonprofit, all of their profits go to charity.

Thumb Tied:

Distracted driving is a huge problem that endangers lives. Thumb Tied is an anti-distracted driving app that helps drivers keep their focus on the road. Even better, it allows pairing, so that you can prevent other members of your group or family (e.g., teens!) from being able to text and drive.

Driver on Tap:

Drinking and driving is a dangerous, expensive, and overwhelming problem in Michigan. Driver on Tap, a novel rideshare program, has developed a simple app that makes it easy to avoid getting behind the wheel when drinking. Open the app, tap to request a ride, and their drivers will drive you home in your own car.

Poochie Bowl:

Poochie Bowl is a family owned company that produces a uniquely designed bowl, invented with their own pooch in mind. The bowl is designed to keep long ears out of water, preventing infection and expensive vet bills.


Founder of The Global Alliance of Independent Auditors (GAIA), Jerry Norris, says to think of it like a for auditors and the industries that need them. GAIA is a community that strives to connect talented auditors in the management system industry with the jobs that will allow them to excel. It allows companies to get certifications from those that are close AND competent rather than close OR competent.


Organizations with strong cultures consistently outperform their peers. However, sometimes, a dynamic shifts; a location may change, employees become frustrated, or the ‘culture’ of a company weakens. Strametrics works to repair “people systems” within an organization when they are damaged or disturbed. They also assist companies that just want to make their organizations better through their people.

Visit their website for more information.

International Career Services:

Two out of three STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) jobs in the United States are going to international students. Where the United States has lacked in educating students in these areas (until recently) other countries have excelled. And now there are an overwhelming amount of STEM jobs available. International Student Career Service (ISCS) wants to help fill those jobs by making local connections for international students.

RIP Records:

Getting discovered when your band is still in it’s garage phase is tough. Especially when you don’t have the space or resources to move on to the next step. There are many talented artists out there that have the skills to succeed but simply can’t get heard. Rip Records wants to bring that local talent into the spotlight.

I Tot Rhythm:

I Tot Rhythm is an interactive, musical/education program where children sing, play and learn. Through fun songs about letters, counting, our senses and more, they hope to help kids in pre-school, daycare, and possibly elementary settings learn through song.

The Song Market:

A “socially competitive online music trading platform” The Song Market allows music enthusiasts to step up and showcase their musical prowess. A combination of Fantasy Football and the stock market, the website allows users to buy and sell stock in songs based on perceived popularity. They can compete against their friends and prove once and for all who knows what’s hot and what’s not.

Simple Recycling:

Simple Recycling goes beyond traditional recycling. They work with already functioning recycling programs to allow residents the opportunity to recycle items that once would have ended up in the trash. They give you the bag, you fill it with your stuff, and set it on the curb on recycling day. They either recycle it or sell it back to places that will use it. Simple.


Let’s face it, doing your civic duty can be a pain. When it’s your turn to report for jury duty, it’s not always easy to remember to call, to remember where to go, where to park, or even when to report. Many just don’t show up. Jurymind offers an app for that.

Check out their website

Just Ask:

From picking up dry cleaning for busy professionals, to helping a terminal patient’s family with day-to-day tasks, Just Ask provides basic concierge services along with peace of mind.

Our Own:

Lauren Aitch’s “Our Own” brand of performance undergarments have an extra panel of breathable material, catered to where men and women need it most, to protect against physically and mentally demanding jobs. Available in different styles to fit a wide multitude of careers and hobbies, “Our Own” products can easily cater to the needs of the individual.


From skinny to traditional with unique patterns and fabrics, Beauhawk offers a variety of long, skinny-pointed, pre-tied and bow ties. With their ability to offer special orders, and combination of non-traditional prints and fabrics, you can get a tie unique to you, unlike anything you’d find in a department store. Because Bowties are cool.

North Promontory:

Fashion meets functionality at North Promontory, which offers a line of casual, utility, and messenger bags designed to meet a passion for traditional but a need for modern. Simple and traditional, the bags will have little touches that will make our everyday lives easier such as chains that connect to our keys to avoid digging and pockets specifically for our phones. It’s old meets new in the most fashionable way.

Tiny Human:

Clothing can help us look and feel our best, and even though they are small, Tiny Humans deserve to feel like this as well. Tiny Human Apparel offers fun onesies, shirts and bibs for the tiniest humans in our lives.

Find more on their website.

Lawrence Hunt:

Lawrence Hunt dress shirts combine performance wear and professionalism through a combination of lightweight and breathable material, odor-fighting mechanisms and extra protection in the areas that sweat the most. It is the first dress shirt to successfully blend 100% cotton with moisture-wicking athletic wear. Lawrence Hunt wants the wearers of it’s shirts to “Look good, and feel great!”


If you’ve ever been faced with the opportunity to move to a new city, you know how overwhelming it can be to find people with similar, like-minded interests to hang out with. Using the app to connect with others, you can find people that share your interests before you even get to your new location.

To become a part of their beta test, visit their website.

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